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Writing Style

Montblanc’s new campaign draws inspiration from global literary landmarks. This month, it’s arrived in London.

Set in the London Library, the second episode of The Library Spirit is all about the literature of our capital. This is a city of letters, both as inspiration and home to geniuses and artistic giants now celebrated for their ingenuity, aesthetic daring and turn of phrase. The London Library is London all over — as ancient as it is revolutionary. As the brand puts it: “a breeding ground for inspiration and innovation.”

This has inspired Montblanc Creative Director Marco Tomasetta to take a new approach. Montblanc’s Soft line becomes redrawn through the city’s sense of multiplicity and duality. “Traditional designs incorporate a contemporary perspective, preserving their perennial character and celebrating London’s creative blend of classic and alternative style.” It’s a bold take on the convergence of past and future that London embodies so well. Find out more about the pieces here.