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The Festivities Continue

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, ushered in the forthcoming Year of the Rabbit on January 22. This is a time to celebrate with family, friends โ€” and of course seasonal treats and delicacies.ย 

For a delicious spread of gifts from beverages to biscuits, check out the Fortnum & Mason range of Lunar New Year Hampers, Gift Boxes and Biscuit Selections, which include sparkling tea, Marc de Champagne Truffles, Cherrilossus Biscuits and more in the brandโ€™s much-loved wicker hampers. 

For more sweet treats, Ladurรฉe has released specially designed โ€œLunarโ€ macarons in a red and gold gift box. Did you know Ladurรฉe also has a range of stunning gift boxes you can stuff full of your favourite chocolates and pastries for even more joy?

And while not edible, Tateossian is releasing new rabbit cufflinks in red enamel and gold as a limited edition.