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Something Old

The Royal Exchange is one of those rare buildings that take the breath away. Perfect for the most romantic day of your life. 

You really have to stand in the middle of the foyer to experience it. The grand, classical architecture reaching up into the high vaulted ceiling feels both richly historic and modern all at once. It is refined, yes, classic and cool — but seeped in tales and legends of its own. Getting married here means becoming part of this story, which contains many illustrious figures: Queen Victoria and Elizabeth I to name but a few. Standing in the midst of these, you can choose how to begin your own.

And of course — these wonderful venues aren’t available just for weddings. 50th birthday party, anyone? Or how about a corporate event to inject some opulence into your workforce? Or even just because. Sometimes, the party is its own reason. In settings like these, this was never more true. 

For those who want the grandeur and charm of The Royal Exchange proper, a wedding reception with Fortnum & Mason’s means it’s possible to get married in the centre of our iconic courtyard. The brand’s dedicated events team will work with you to make sure every detail is perfect and personal. Flower arrangements planned, keepsake gifts for the guests ordered, and then on the day: the civil ceremony itself. After which, with a clap of the hands, canapes and drinks appear — then sit down to your wedding dinner catered with all the expertise of Fortnum’s luxury kitchens. The speeches (for better or worse!) — those we’ll leave to you.   

If you want a more intimate space, then the equally ancient vaults of the building are home to London’s coolest hang-out spot: The Libertine, “a chamber of spirited revelry in the foundations of the City.” These cells once housed the wealth of London’s merchant class, lined with gold, spices and silks that were sailed in from all over the world. The team there will help you curate the perfect event, which can include lavish dining rooms, a hidden alcove lounge dedicated to fine whiskeys, as well as the classic restaurant and bar. Whether there are four of you or four hundred and fifty, The Libertine can ensure a package that speaks to your heart’s desires. 

And the last word in weddings? It’s Ladurée. Let the Parisian maison take care of your cake — a traditional three-tiered extravaganza in rose and raspberry or pistachio and praline! Or how about the brand’s Traditional Croquembouche: a pyramid of small round choux filled with crème pâtissière and topped with caramel, decorated with sugared almonds and flowers. It’s worth getting hitched for these alone!