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Something Old, Something New: The Wedding Edit

Get married in grandeur — where heritage meets style. The Royal Exchange’s unique partnering of history and haute couture makes for a wedding day to dream of. From its iconic setting (est. 1571) to luxury dining and gift options, enjoy the very best of the old and the new.

Tieing the knot in the Exchange means something iconic: a boutique wedding unlike any other, with spectacular settings and meticulous planning by the best in the business. Choose from hosting your ceremony in our historic courtyard with Fortnum’s, or partying the night away in the spice-and-silk vaults of The Libertine.

For something fabulous — whether that’s a gift for the happy couple, or a stunning accessory to turn heads at the reception — our luxury brands have got the goods. We’ve curated a selection of the finest pieces including “soft jewellery” by Goff Courtney and bespoke wedding rings from the Royal Exchange Jewellers.

Aspinal of London are trying something fragrant with a new perfume line that is as captivating as you’d expect, and we’re delighted to welcome Horatio with its “Shop for City Boys” and Sartoria Dei Duchi, all the way from Atri, Italy. And make sure you check out Bremont’s new Terra Nova collection, which marks an exciting turning point for the luxury watchmaker.