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Forget Barbie and Oppenheimer. The real winner this season is The Libertine โ€” the most fashionable restaurant in London โ€” as recognised in a host of awards for design, drinks and more.

Described as the “new home of indulgence in the heart of the city,” The Libertine offers free-spirited revelry in the form of mixology, seasonal fare and live music. It’s wonderful to know this amazing venue is getting the recognition it deserves โ€” come see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Open Monday to Friday 11am till late, Saturday 5pm to 1.30am and Sunday 12 to 7pm.

Design Week

Hospitality Interior โ€“ Winners

Mixology Awards

Bar and Leisure – Best Project Winners


Diner’s Choice Award โ€“ Top Featured Restaurant

And if that’s not enough, The Libertine is also nominatedโ€”decision pendingโ€”for the following awards.

British Institute of Interior Design

Shortlisted for Best Interior Design

Restaurant Bar and Design Awards

Entries: Heritage Building & Lighting

London Lifestyle Awards

Shortlisted for Best New Hospitality Business of the Year – Included in the Top 10 for public voting.