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    Calm and considered, the introvert appreciates attention to detail, the beauty of simplicity and time for contemplation


    Often misunderstood for being shy, or even aloof, The Introvert simply doesn’t feel the need to express their emotions in a loud or overt way. In fact, they are a deeply considered character with much contemplation and analysis going on behind the calm and quiet demeanour that’s visible on the outside. As much as they value spending time with the people they are close to, The Introvert requires plenty of me-time in order to maintain their equilibrium, something that partners and friends must respect in order to benefit from the steadfast loyalty The Introvert will bestow on those they feel understand and appreciate them for who they are.


    Notebook #148 in mustard yellow, ÂŁ36, Montblanc

    Journaling is a favourite pastime of The Introvert, who processes their emotions through introspection and reflection in a rational and methodical manner. Taking the time to make sense of the world, and contemplate their views on it, is a pleasurable and relaxing process for The Introvert, and this cheery yellow notebook from Montblanc is the perfect receptacle for any and all thoughts to be unleashed and revisited.


    MeisterstĂĽck Geometry Solitaire LeGrand fountain pen, ÂŁ1,285, Montblanc

    The perfect companion to a luxurious leather notebook, this Montblanc MeisterstĂĽck fountain pen adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to the journaling activity. Its exquisite craftsmanship makes this iconic writing instrument a pleasure to use, and a possession The Introvert will cherish forever.


    Eau Des Merveilles perfumed soap, £20 for 100g, Hermès

    If there’s one thing The Introvert really excels at, it’s self-care. While Extroverts may be tempted to sacrifice on sleep and down time in order to not miss out on any social activities, The Introvert has no qualms about staying in and indulging in some pamper time, such as enjoying a long soak in a hot bath before curling up with a hot chocolate and their favourite book. Luxury toiletries, such as this fragranced soap from Hermès, are an easy way to turn a simple activity into a relaxing and restorative sensory experience.


    Small Stella satchel in black pebble, ÂŁ295, Aspinal of London

    Understated style is the foundation of The Introvert’s look, but a closer glance reveals exemplary craftsmanship and subtle design details that elevate The Introvert’s minimalist aesthetic to something special. This saddle bag by British leather goods specialist Aspinal of London is a perfect example, hand-crafted from full-grain Italian leather, with subtle gold hardware and grosgrain lining.


    Zodiac Pendant, ÂŁPOA, Searle & Co.

    Little personal touches are important to The Introvert, who likes every possession to have a reason for being. A Zodiac pendant from independent jeweller Searle & Co. is the perfect fashion accessory with meaning, adding a glimmer of gold, along with a hint of personality, to any outfit from a simple cashmere sweater to a little black dress.


    Bordered correspondence cards in pale blue, ÂŁ25 for a box of ten, Smythson

    With time for thought and contemplation so high on the priority list of The Introvert, they are naturally good at remembering to think of others too. And, while they may not enjoy too much social interaction in one burst, keeping in touch with the people they are close to is very important to them. These refined correspondence cards from British luxury stationer Smythson are the perfect way for The Introvert to communicate their news to friends and family who they don’t get to see very often, and to let them know that they are thinking of them.  


    Connections stacking plain bracelet in 18k yellow gold, ÂŁ1,150, Vashi

    From jewellery house Vashi’s Connections collection of jewellery, this geometric yellow gold bangle is designed so it can be stacked – and will interlock perfectly – with other pieces in the collection that are crafted from rose gold, white gold and set with pavé diamonds. For The Introvert, however, less is more, and the striking simplicity of this bracelet when worn alone is the perfect finishing touch with no further embellishment necessary.

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