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    Londoners on Love: Sarah

    Office manager Sarah tells us #WhatLoveIs to her

    We took to the streets surrounding The Royal Exchange to ask the City community to share their thoughts on the topic of love. In this special series, we find out #WhatLoveIs to Londoners today.



    “Love is…the meaning of life. This thing called life seems to make sense when one is surrounded by love. There’s suddenly a validation to continue to exist, whether one loves themselves or others or is loved by others. Something about the presence of love seems to fuel a desire to persevere at life, whatever life is.


    The most loving thing I ever did for another person was break up with them. I loved them and they loved me but we weren’t very good for each other. The love was obsessive and intense. We would have plodded through and we would have hurt each other irreparably. Sometimes, love isn’t all you need. Education is important too. Often, love is used as an excuse to justify certain behaviours such as jealousy (to camouflage insecurity), control (megalomania) and even abuse. Love needs open eyes to identify when it is no longer love being expressed.”

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