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    Digital picture co-ordinator Louisa tells us #WhatLoveIs to her

    We took to the streets surrounding The Royal Exchange to ask the City community to share their thoughts on the topic of love. In this special series, we find out #WhatLoveIs to Londoners today.


    “I had a really bad day recently and ate a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange in bed. I was feeling sorry for myself and it brought me so much joy! So, weirdly, that was the last time I said ‘I love you.’ Love is complicated but it’s also all we need and it definitely doesn’t have to come from romantic relationships. My most loving relationship is probably with my parents. They gave my brothers and me the best childhood and they also give the best advice. I love them. One of my favourites is, “It takes half the time you went out with them to get over them.” It’s very true. My ex and I dated for a year and it probably took me about six months to get over it. Breaking up with him has definitely changed me for the better.”

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