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    Londoners on Love: Libby

    Retail worker Libby tells us #WhatLoveIs to her

    We took to the streets surrounding The Royal Exchange to ask the City community to share their thoughts on the topic of love. In this special series, we find out #WhatLoveIs to Londoners today.



    “For my 60th birthday, my children took me to Paris for the weekend. I must be the only person in the world who hadn’t been. We walked everywhere and saw everything. It was wonderful and the most loving thing anyone has done for me. I don’t remember the last time I said ‘I love you’. When I hear people ending every conversation with ‘love you’, I don’t think they are properly thinking it. It should only be used when you really mean it. I prefer to show my love in other ways, like showing support to my children. Even now they have children of their own, it doesn’t change – I’ll always support them. Love is having people around you. I’m so happy because that’s what I feel I have from my family and work colleagues to friends I meet at various clubs. Having them in my life makes all the difference.”

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