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    Actor Derek tells us #WhatLoveIs to him


    We took to the streets surrounding The Royal Exchange to ask the City community to share their thoughts on the topic of love. In this special series, we find out #WhatLoveIs to Londoners today.


    DEREK, 37, ACTOR

    “My mum had always had a dream of going on a cruise holiday. When I booked my first cruise ship performance job, I arranged for her to come on board. And because she was a family member, the crew waited on her hand and foot. This made my heart sing, and hers too! Sometimes though, I have found people can hold love accountable to their own arbitrary checklists. And when the other person involved doesn’t complete this agenda of actions, it’s like there is no longer any love present. I disagree with this. We learn about love from the examples around us ­­– family, friends, media, TV, music etc. Love is an expression and everyone’s love language is different. It’s my belief that love is at the core of all things. If we ask ourselves why we do what we do, love is most usually the ultimate answer. I think The Beatles were right!

    I think you know you love someone when you want to do things for them, protect them, be around them and really, really deeply care for their welfare. It’s very simple, but when my boyfriend cooks and leaves a meal for me when I get home late from work and he is in bed, that’s love. For me, it’s the little things.”

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