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    Future/Craft at The Royal Exchange

    From innovative technologies to heritage craftsmanship, our Future/Craft campaign explores the skill and creativity at the heart of modern luxury

    At The Royal Exchange, the past and future collide as tradition and innovation meet. While our physical doors may be closed for the time being, our online Future/Craft campaign celebrates the incredible creativity and artistry of our retailers, with stories that explore the craftsmanship, luxury and technical expertise that define the brands that call The Royal Exchange home.

    We’ve also commissioned a series of original moving images by digital artists XK Studio, which explore the concept of Future/Craft inspired by the theme of modern luxury. The studio’s 3D-illustrated films take viewers on a mesmerising journey into a fantasy world of interplaying colours and textures, to provide a moment of escapism through the medium of your digital screen.

    Read our interview with XK Studio’s Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir here.

    Delve deeper into our #FutureCraft campaign content here, or by following us on Instagram @theroyalexchange and Twitter @rexshopper, and experience XK Studio’s series of special commissions for The Royal Exchange, as they are unveiled on social media by searching #XKxTRE