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    Rediscover the magic of handwriting with Montblanc's geometry inspired Meisterstück Fountain Pen

    In an age when most of us are accustomed to using computers and digital devices that force us into writing in a very formatted way, there’s something quite magical about putting pen to paper and all the creative possibilities it presents.

    Montblanc has been producing innovative writing instruments, crafted by highly skilled artisans, since its founders, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein, created their first fountain pen in 1906. The brand’s first Meisterstück fountain pen – the Meisterstück 149 – was launched in 1924, featuring a built-in inkwell and intricate hand-crafted gold nib. Since 1929, every Meisterstück nib has been crowned with a signature “4810” engraving and is meticulously profiled by hand in a process comprising more than 30 steps.

    The Montblanc Meisterstück Geometry collection combines classic Meisterstück design elements with new and interesting materials. The Geometry Solitaire Champagne Gold LeGrand Fountain Pen is a leading example of this. Its cap and barrel are both engraved with a three-dimensional geometric pattern, which creates a mesmerising optical illusion effect, enhanced further by its champagne gold finish.

    A beautiful and distinctive tool for self-expression, the Meisterstück Geometry Solitairepreserves and perpetuates the joy of scribing handwritten notes, and will be a trusted, long-term companion to any seasoned or budding writer.

    Meisterstück Geometry Solitaire Champagne Gold LeGrand Fountain Pen, £1,250, Montblanc

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