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    20/20 VISION

    How Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians combine advanced technology and forward-thinking design to create bespoke precision eyewear

    The great German Renaissance artist Albrecht Dürer described sight as ‘the noblest sense of man’. One might argue that of course an artist would have that opinion, but science supports his statement. Research has shown that around 80 per cent of human perceptions are formed from environmental information gathered by our eyes, which is then sent to the brain, via the optic nerve, for processing.

    For many of us, a large proportion of the information we gather these days comes to us through screens, especially with the increased prevalence of video calls for meetings, socialising and learning. With this in mind, never has there been a more important time to pay extra attention to the health of our eyes and not take our most dominant sense for granted.

    Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians at The Royal Exchange offer a deluxe service when it comes to eyecare, providing comprehensive consultations, state-of-the-art examinations and bespoke eyewear tailored to your precise prescription and aesthetics.

    A full hour is scheduled for every eye examination, giving the optometrist ample time to discuss your eyesight and lifestyle, conduct a thorough examination, answer any questions you may have and ensure an optimum prescription, should one be required.

    The Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians Vision Clinic is home to state-of-the-art Zeiss equipment that will give a comprehensive analysis of your eye health

    Each appointment takes place within the on-site Vision Clinic, home to a host of Zeiss advanced eye equipment that gives the optometrist an in-depth overview of your overall eye health, and goes beyond the average eye test. The experience starts with a consultation where you’ll discuss your lifestyle, profession, activity level, medical history and any eye health issues you may be experiencing.

    As part of the examination, an OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) machine is used to scan the eyeball, showing the optometrist a cross section of the retina and allowing them to detect the early onset of a range of eye conditions, including macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy – the top three diseases known to cause blindness.

    You’ll also undergo a series of tests and screenings to examine your distance, near and peripheral vision; eye pressure; digital eye strain; blue light overexposure and night vision.

    When it comes to an accurate prescription for vision correction, Zeiss’ i.Profiler system is used to obtain a detailed analysis of your eyes and their performance. Combining four instruments into one powerful device, this advanced equipment identifies abnormalities and evaluates the eye’s refractive status (focusing ability) in order to prescribe the most optimal lenses for each patient.

    The optometrist will discuss the outcome of the examination with you in detail, and is able to refer you for any treatment or further investigation that may be required. Should a prescription be required, you’ll then be invited to spend time with one of the eyewear consultants, who can guide you through the wide range of frames available, and the option of have a pair of bespoke frames created that are tailored to your exact facial measurements and features.

    A wide range of frames for opticals and sunglasses are available to try on at The Royal Exchange Tom Davies boutique

    It’s recommended that you allow a further hour for this part of the process, in order to take your time trying on a range of styles and materials. Tom Davies’ eyewear consultants will guide you through the process of determining the best frames for you, and help you to discover what feels the most comfortable and best suits your face shape and lifestyle. The bespoke service allows for adjustments to the shape, size and fit of frames, to achieve an optimal look that ensures your opticals enhance both your personal style and your vision in equal measures.

    To make an appointment for an eye examination at Tom Davies Bespoke Opticians at The Royal Exchange, call +44 (0)20 3711 0012, or visit

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