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Dreams Of Summer

Nostalgic luxury for long, hot days.

As the evenings draw out, we’re looking forward to the promise of holiday and adventure. That anticipation β€” so characteristic of spring’s fresh renewal β€” has been captured in two new collections from luxury houses Jo Malone London and SIRPLUS. This is fashion and fragrance to prepare for better days ahead: whether that’s balmy beach evenings or happy-go-lucky exploits in faraway lands.

Take a trip down memory lane with the new SIRPLUS spring-summer collection inspired, the brand says, “by some of our fondest holiday memories.”

Patterns take their cue from dusty mosaics with colours bleached and faded β€” full of rustic textures, rumpled seersuckers and slubby cottons-linens. The collection is packed with classic summer favourites like camp collar shirts, easy trousers and polo shirts β€” all bringing a touch of nostalgia. These are pieces to enjoy summer after summer β€” and make new memories with.

“Immerse yourself in daydreams on a tropical beach, where the scents of exotic fruits and flowers drift on the ocean breeze,” says Jo Malone London β€” as the brand presents its new release of limited-edition fragrances, designed to channel good vibes. Join the label in-store to celebrate the launch of its Tropical Beach Blossoms collection: indulge in a complimentary glass of prosecco as you explore three uplifting Blossoms, perfect companions to carry you into the summer months ahead.