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Beyond Diamonds

Explore Boodles’ range of non-traditional engagement rings — a collection that reminds us to look beyond the crowd for the singular and spectacular.

Because there’s a world of possibility beyond the traditional diamond: full of shape, colour and personal identity. Make a statement and stand out from the crowd by popping the question with colours that pop — and with gemstones that mean something.

Highlights? Well, the point of these remarkable pieces is that each will mean something different depending on who we are. But for us, there were two that stood out. (You might have guessed — we’re mad about pink!)

Boodles “Vintage” design ring set with an oval tourmaline surrounded by a double row of brilliant cut pink and white diamonds in platinum and 18-carat pink gold. 
Boodles ‘Vintage’ design ring set with a brilliant cut pink diamond in platinum and 18-carat Single Mine Origin pink gold.