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A New Tailor’s, Too

Italian style from Sartoria Dei Duchi.

A warm welcome to this menswear specialist — rooted in tradition from the ancient ducal town of Atri, Italy. Sartoria dei Duchi explains that its store is “designed to make clients feel like royalty, with each piece made to order and a personal tailor assigned to each customer.”

Inspired by the beauty and history of its hometown, Sartoria Dei Duchi offers luxurious, custom-tailored suits, shirts, accessories and shoes made from the finest Italian materials. The label aims to maintain the elegance of Atri’s past and preserve the legacy of its workmanship. As such, suits from the brand are custom-made by master Italian tailors with a keen eye for classic good looks and use only the best wool. Only a limited number of suits are made annually (each taking up to sixty hours), allowing the brand to maintain its commitment to excellence.