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Icons of the Exchange: Tiffany & Co.

The historic New York jewellery house has been putting its dazzling Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring centre stage since 1886

Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring

No jeweller has captured the imagination of the engagement ring market quite like Tiffany & Co. The sight of a duck-egg blue box finished with a crisp white ribbon is one we’re all familiar with, and that’s sure to quicken the heartbeat of anyone lucky enough to be presented with one.

For anyone opening a Tiffany’s ring box from their beloved, there’s one particular sparkling treasure they may be hoping to find inside: a Tiffany® Setting Engagement Ring. According to the New York jeweller, this patented design is the ‘world’s most iconic engagement ring’.

‘Flawlessly engineered, the six-prong setting virtually disappears and allows the brilliant diamond to float above the band and into the light, resulting in a ring so beautiful it has been a symbol of the world’s greatest love stories for over 130 years,’ said a spokesperson for the brand.

The solitaire diamond engagement ring is an indisputable classic. Elegant in its simplicity, the single stone takes centre stage with its eye-catching yet subtle design.

‘The mounting is critical to the overall beauty of the stone, how it will look when worn and its overall durability,’ explains the Tiffany & Co. representative. ‘You should look closely at the mounting to see the quality of the finish and design details. A stone of the finest quality combined with superb mounting makes for a ring that will remain perpetually beautiful.’

Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring A Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring, featuring a solitaire, brilliant cut diamond

Tiffany’s signature ‘floating’ diamond style showcases the flawless stone to perfection, but there is plenty of versatility to this classic design, such as different stone cuts (emerald, princess, square) and the option to have a more detailed band. Still, when it comes to timeless style, it seems that less is definitely more.

It’s imperative that a ring designed to showcase a solo gemstone features a stone that is worth showing off. Tiffany & Co. diamonds are ethically sourced and of the highest calibre. The company adheres to the ‘4Cs’ of diamond quality — colour, clarity, cut and carat weight — and is ‘proud’ to state that its parameters for selecting diamonds ‘far exceed those established by the industry’. Round, brilliant cut diamonds are popular because of their intense sparkle from the intricate detailing of the cut.

‘An astonishing 99.96 per cent of the world’s gem-grade diamonds fall short of Tiffany’s standards,’ continued the representative. ‘No more than .04% of all gem-grade diamonds are worthy of becoming Tiffany diamonds. So, you can rest assured that every Tiffany diamond engagement ring is superlative.’

The jeweller’s signature brilliant cut diamond features over 56 facets that reflect light and cast tiny rainbows, and was introduced to the Tiffany & Co. family back in 1886. A time-honoured classic that is dazzling in the truest sense, it’s little wonder that a Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring remains a bestseller to this day.

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